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Family Advantage Chiropractic Reviews

A huge thank you to Dr. Park for the care and kindness he’s given me during an extremely difficult week of dealing with horrible neck and shoulder cramping and pain. I was feeling frustrated and hopeless after being shuffled in and out of my PCP’s office, with little attention to my actual problem. I found Family Advantage Chiropractic on yelp and I am extremely grateful for the support, attention and care I’ve received throughout the past week. Thank you!
-Leslie W.

So much to say…Dr. Park was recommended to me for his specialty in pediatrics. I could not be happier and any more thankful for finding him. Heaven-sent! As a first-time mom, I am very thankful that he actually listened to what my concerns were. My baby started doing better after the first visit (severe colic from day one, several doctor appointments, one visit to the ER…). It was a horrible four month ordeal that seemed hopeless and without an end. Needless to say, I thank God for Dr. Park!
-Wendy M.

The office runs like a well-oiled machine. Service between Tiffany at the front desk and Dr.Jason himself has been top notch. Tiffany has on multiple occasions emailed me in a timely manner with important information per my request. Dr.Jason is truly passionate about his work and I can tell that he is committed to my recovery based on the way he gave a detailed explanation of treatment care, to personally following up with me via phone call after my first adjustment to ensure I was feeling alright. I’m looking forward to continuing to be a client!
-Elizabeth W.

I’ve seen many chiropractors and none of the chiropractors that I’ve used has ever been as thorough as Dr. Park. My newborn daughter is currently seeing him for cranialsacral therapy and he has been amazing. He always informs me on what he is doing and he is upfront and honest about his fees/services. It’s really challenging trying to find a good chiropractor in the South Bay that is honest and sincere. I highly recommend Dr. Park
-Abigail L.

Dr. Park has been my chiropractor for a long time and I wont go to anyone else. He is great at listening to what is hurting you and gives you an in depth assessment of what he thinks is going on. Every time I go in to see Dr. Park I know I will be treated with great customer service and someone who truly cares about how I am doing. I started going to Dr. Park and liked
him so much that I have recommended him to my family and friends that now also go to him. I recommend Dr. Park and the Family Advantage Chiropractic for all your Chiropractic needs.
-Chris W.

I spent a little over a decade experiencing chronic back pain and never got real answers from doctors, so I came to the conclusion I would just have to live the rest of my life with it. That was until a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Park, within the first visit I received the diagnosis I never thought I’d get and was set up with a treatment plan that I’m now following and I’m starting to feel and see more»

There are a lot of skeptics regarding chiropractic medicine, but it really works and Dr. Park shows you proof throughout treatment. Not only has my pain subsided, but I can now be confident that my condition won’t worsen with time. Dr. Park and Tiffany are always warm and welcoming, and this is the first time I’ve been to a clinic that shows that they actually care about their patients as individuals! Thanks guys!

-Lynsie S.

I have been seeing Dr. Park for almost seven years. I’m very active and I rely on Dr. Park to keep my body feeling 100% no matter what type of workout I’m doing. He has helped me through shin splints, hip issues while training for a half marathon and adjustments to help a back injury. Every time I walk into the office I’m greeted with a smile and a genuine concern for my well-being. Dr. Park is very passionate about providing the right type of care for each individual patient. He is very professional and knowledgeable in sports medicine. I have sent several friends and family members to see Dr. Park and they have all had positive experiences. No matter what, I always walk out of Dr. Park’s office feeling better!
-Katherine M.

I have been working with Dr. Park for a year and my experience has been life changing. I am extremely active and have a job which requires me to sit all day. I had been fighting hip pain for a few years, but I was never able to achieve the relief I was looking for from other practitioners. I was skeptical, as none understood the demands that I put on my body, and therefore convinced they did not understand my pains and how to fix them. From the first few visits Dr. Park did a full diagnosis, talked to me about past experiences, understood my physical activities and was able to immediately address my issues. He was always supportive, encouraging, and passionate about giving me the best care. He was able to correct years of bad positioning and I eventually found the relief I was looking for. Now I am able to do things that seemed impossible a year ago, with little to no pain. I can’t ever thank him enough!
-Heather C.

My now 10-year-old grandson has been seeing Dr. Park for 17 months now. We have seen consistent progress in healing his crooked spine, but most importantly, he loves to see Dr. Park and doesn’t mind the appointments at all. My grandson’s asthma has almost disappeared completely and his sinus issues are also much improved. We like Dr. Park not only for his knowledge and compassion for his craft, but also because of his professionalism. We are so happy with Family Advantage Chiropractic that after we moved to Gilroy from Sunnyvale this past summer wecontinue to drive to Santa Clara once a week for treatments by Dr. Park.
-Christine S.

I would like people to know that Dr. Park is a Godsend!

I first met Dr. Park in June of last year at the Sunnyvale art and wine festival. I explained to him that I don’t really have a normal functioning body. Something usually hurts whether its my shoulder, wrist, hip, back, or more commonly, my feet. I was a little reluctant to pursue treatment for the simple fact that I thought it would not work for more»

Fast forward to a year later and I have never felt better! The pains that I usually experience are either gone or kept at bay to a more tolerable level. Pains that would usually be lingering for a week or more are now at a day or two at most or completely gone! Dr. Park has truly enhanced my quality of life in the last year and I’m very grateful.

Dr. Park always takes the time to listen to what you have to say and evaluates the situation with great attention and professionalism. I recommend him to everyone I know in need of a Chiropractor. He’s very honest and sincere with his recommendations for treatment, and will always make you feel like you are his only client. Check him out, you wont be disappointed!

-Anthony M.

First off, I wasn’t a believer in chiropractic treatment. Like most people with back problems, I’d see my physician when I aggravated it, take x-rays, and get a prescription for the pain. But since I’m an active guy (and not getting any younger), my back pain became more frequent. Around 2011, I endured a couple of bulging discs and learned of a degenerative disc condition that caused sciatica and general daily discomfort. During those years I had two epidurals, which helped the pain, but wasn’t the ideal solution since I wanted to stay more»

About a year and a half ago, I decided to be more proactive about my back and get stronger. I started to CrossFit, which sounds counter-productive, but I thought if I get in better shape and learn proper lifting techniques, I could strengthen muscles in my body and ultimately fix my back. Things were going fine until I re-aggraveted it again. After a couple weeks of recovery, I decided look into the chiropractic treatment others were getting at our gym, and that’s when I first met Dr. Park.

My initial meeting with Dr. Park was honest, friendly and educational. He asked about my past and existing back problems and walked me through a basic assessment that revealed some obvious misalignment issues. In a subsequent exam, he evaluated my x-rays and was very clear in communicating what problems he was seeing and the next steps for improvement, including preventative measures to stay on track.

Fast forward one year, and my back feels better than it has in years. Dr. Park has been able to get me through my adjustments while I maintain an active lifestyle. I can even play golf without my back acting up. One of the best things I’ve noticed after seeing Dr. Park is that I’m sleeping better. My back doesn’t feel like it’s in knots, and I’m able to relax my body and get the rest I need.

I highly recommend Dr. Park and Family Advantage Chiropractic. I think his treatment and technique is paramount for anyone suffering from back and joint pain. I also believe for everyone else, it’s worth making an appointment and getting an evaluation. You never know if an old injury is potentially causing more problems for your body in the long run. And if so, don’t worry, Dr. Park will take care of you.

-Brett M.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jason Park since I was about 12 or 13 for minor injuries, and am now seeing him again after my back got tweaked from a car accident when I was younger (now I am 22). Every time I see him I never get disappointed. He always works his wonders, is straight forward, honest, and makes you feel comfortable in the chiropractic environment. Don’t be afraid to stop by his office (right next to the Target) you won’t be disappointed!
-Kendall S.

Dr. Park and his staff are excellent and definitely deserve all of the 5-star ratings! I have been receiving treatments for chronic neck/back pain due to severe scoliosis and some other nerve-related issues. I brought Dr. Park many years worth of x-rays, MRIs, and other scans. He carefully heard my story, looked at my films, and came up with a comprehensive treatment plan to help eliminate my pain and hopefully decrease the curves in my back. Dr. Park is a proactive listener and doctor. He is strategic in his treatment plans and does the adjustments with ease/gentleness. Grateful to have found such a great chiro in the Santa Clara area!
-Linzy W.

After many years of daily back pain that would also affect my leg I finally listened to everyone’s advice and made an appointment at Family Advantage Chiropractic. I met with Dr. Park and he spent a lot of time with me finding out about my pain level, my symptoms, and my more»

He decided to take x-rays and I scheduled a follow up for a couple days later. During my next visit he went over my x-rays and we discussed treatment plans and options. I ended up having my 1st adjust that day. He knew I was nervous so he explained every adjustment he did and made sure I was OK throughout the adjustments. I have been seeing Dr. Park 2-3 times a week for the last 3 months and I can now say that I have MUCH less pain. In fact, many of my days are close to pain free. Dr. Park is VERY informative, welcoming, and compassionate. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Park!

-Doreen H.


I am a personal trainer and dealing with other people’s injuries and how to get them to perform well through their workouts and still get to their results was one of my main concerns. I never really took care of my body before, but I was referred to Dr. Park by my client and he really opened my eyes on how certain alignments in your spine can alter your daily more»
Over a long period of time, this can lead to permanent damage to not only your spine, but the muscles and nerves that surround it. He showed me my X-ray and the results were crazy, it blew my mind how everything was not where it was supposed to be. It was my first time looking at an X-ray of my body, so I did not know what any of the numbers or lines that he had on there meant. That’s what he was there to help explain. He really gets into great detail, and knows how to break it down to where anybody can really understand what he is talking about. That shows his true passion for what he does. He has helped me with some stretching techniques and a foundation of ideas that I can do that will help me live a healthier
lifestyle and be pain free. He is great!

-David S.

DR. PARK CHANGED MY LIFE, BY GIVING MY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE BACK TO ME! I suffered, for YEARS, with a compromised L-5. My pain was so debilitating that I couldn’t do any of my former activities (running, biking, hiking, golfing, water skiing) without excruciating pain; and I couldn’t walk more than 50 feet without having to stop and sit (a parking place at the store was a challenge I never imagined, “Too far to walk, I might as well go back home.”).read more»

After starting treatment with Dr. Park, he had me sympton-free within 2-3 weeks and I’ve been able to return to fully enjoying my favorite
activities–seeing Dr. Park on a regular basis.

I have recommended several family and friends for treatment with Dr. Park, and they all agree that his individualized treatment plan, and leading-edge knowledge and technique is “par excellence”–like no other chiropractor.

-Bill W

In 2012, after a lifetime of sports and a recent twin pregnancy and c-section, I suffered the “last straw” and had collapsed after bending over to adjust a couch cushion. Turns out I had a bulging or herniated disc in my lower back. I spent the next 3 years going through phases of pain, fear of movement because of the pain, pinched nerve and flare ups. I found Dr. Park in the fall of 2015 when my pinched nerve was bothering me so much it hindered me from working my personal training more»
Over the course of the following few months of visits I got a very wholistic approach to caring for my spine and my body. My path to wellness wasn’t always a straight line up, we had some bumps as my body learned to move in a different way. Dr. Park was very reassuring, listened and provided helpful recommendations to ease the aches and pains throughout the process. I’m now doing things I haven’t done in a very long time (without pain) and feeling worlds away from where I was when I came in to see him for the first time.

In the process he’s also started adjusting our 6 year old twin boys who have zero experience with a chiropractor. He’s awesome and patient with them and they love visiting his office.

-Mandey E.

Great service, Dr. Jason is excellent and I like Tiffany. It’s been a very positive and helpful experience!!
-Samra G.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Park since 2013. He makes a newbie into Chiropractic care, at ease. I had a snowboarding accident that messed up my shoulder and I couldn’t move my neck. I was nervous to be adjusted but he is a very calming person. He builds great rapport allowing me to trust him with my body. After the first visit, I was so shocked to see results after the only 1 adjustment. I could move my neck!!!read more»
Later that day he called me up to follow up how my neck was holding. He explained to me what to expect, and he was dead on. Time over time he adjusted me and I learned from him it’s not about a quick fix but how we can have my body hold the right position over the long run.

Dr. Park makes his environment very open, welcoming and family orientated. He is there to make sure you are cared for and treated the right way. He will educate you why your body does what it does, but he doesn’t overwhelm you. He knows people are nervous about getting adjusted, but he is a gentle giant. I’ve witnessed him open the eyes of a skeptic into getting chiropractic care. Now she loves it, and so do I!

-Sunshine S.


After recently relocating to the Bay Area from the Midwest, I wanted to continue receiving chiropractic care as I know the important role it plays in overall health and well-being. Being hesitant at first with not knowing what to expect in a brand new area, I was quickly put at ease here by the welcoming staff and friendly demeanor of Dr. Park. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to answer any questions I have, has been reassuring to me as I embark upon the unpredictable adventure of becoming a first-time more»

In the short time that I’ve been a patient here, I am already noticing improvements in my back pain, which has been a major concern of mine during this pregnancy. Dr. Park’s care and concern for his patients is very evident in his interactions and I would highly recommend checking out Family Advantage to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care.

-Lynnae W.

The service and treatment my son and I by Dr. Park has been wonderful. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Park so that I may seek treatment for my son’s ADHD. He performed a thorough analysis and walked through the data with me. I was sold. I didn’t feel hustled or pressured. He sincerely cares. Our goal is for my son to get off the more»

As for me, I’ve had intermittent back pains for about a year. Due to my job I sit a lot, and don’t have the greatest posture. There’s a lot of stress and long hours to go with it. Needless to say I’m completely wiped out by the weekend. For the past few months of my chiropractic treatment with Dr. Park, I’ve not had any issues with my back, and I’d recently realized I’m not exhausted every weekend. Love this place!

Erin K.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12 years old. No one ever told me that scoliosis gets worse over time. I saw Dr. Park because I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and I wanted to see if chiropractic care would help me. I had subluxation and I didn’t even know it. I guess it answered all of my questions about why I felt so fatigued. I felt like an old lady. Since seeing Dr. Park I feel like I’m 17 more»

My son’s attention span has been lower than his peers since he was two years old. Since he’s been under Dr. Park’s care, his attention span has improved dramatically, as well as his speech.
I highly recommend Family Advantage Chiropractic.

-Maureen T.

My initial visit was made using a Groupon offer and the detailed analysis of my current condition showed that I would benefit from some more consistent care for which I signed up. After the initial few weeks, I am already benefiting from being far less stiff each morning and being able to move much better on the Squash court. As well as I did about 20 years back, I am now 67. I am sorry I did not find this practice many years ago as I’m sure it would have been very beneficial to my overall health.

-Alan G.

I’ve been seeing Dr Jason Parks since he started practicing over 7 years ago. I came in initially for multiple reasons, neck and back pain, sciatica and hip problems. Dr Jason’s treatment as well as a changing other things in my life like diet and exercise has kept me mostly pain free for years now. I see him regularly but every once in a while pain will flare up and Dr Jason is always available to see me, I’ve come in several times within less than an hour of when I call.
read more»
He offers advice and exercises to help keep problems from recurring, for instance exercises to help a strained rotator cuff recently. He offers advice but never judgment and his interest is always in how I am doing and what will be the best course of action for me. I’m not sure why other reviews talk about no availability – I’ve never had a problem and again I have had many times when I slept wrong or hurt something at the gym and they fit me in right away that same day – last month they fit me in within 20 minutes of my call. Everyone has been so fantastic towards me at Family Advantage Chiropractic – I’m really grateful I found you guys!

– Ruth B.


In September 2011 I was at the Santa Clara Art & Wine festival and as I was walking by a young lady who was giving out cards and she asked me if I had pain and I said yes. She suggested I talk to one of the chiropractors which is when I was introduced to Dr Park. We connected right away and I made an appointment to get a full evaluation in his office. After the appointment Dr. Park explained exactly what was wrong and why it was wrong. Dr. Park gave me a lot of great information but the most important thing he said was that he would be able to help. My life has changed for the best!
read more»
After the first adjustment I wanted to run but I stayed which was the best decision I could of made. The following morning I woke up and as I was getting out of bed and bent over I realized I had less pain. With additional appointments I continued to feel and function better. Within the first week I was able to brush my teeth standing straight up which I haven’t been able to do in years. I am now the happiest person and it has been over a year since I felt any pain when I stand up straight or when I walk up and down the stairs. I am so grateful for Family Advantage Chiropractic. They are so friendly and caring; especially Dr Park.

– Nina M.

After getting treatment here and working with Dr Park for over a year now, what I’ve learned is that this practice does not believe, as some other chiropractors do, that it is effective to do a single adjustment on a patient and send them on their way. Their philosophy is that the body misaligns itself over time and then becomes set in that misalignment, if you do one adjustment your body/muscles will go back to the familiar misaligned position that they have gotten used to over time. Because of this, you need consistent adjustments over a period of months in order to set your body into the right alignment and have it learn to stay that way.
read more»
Dr. Park has relieved chronic headaches and neck pain for my fiancé and with her I watched a very clear pattern, especially in the beginning, where after an adjustment she would feel great, but within a week she would regress back to where she was before the adjustment. Over time her relief lasted longer and longer between visits until the point she’s at today where her body holds up on its own and only needs occasional adjustments to stay in line. I’ve been very happy with the results for myself as well. It’s not often that you find a doctor who is as personable and willing to spend as much time with you as Dr. Park is, I’d definitely recommend him.

– Justin S.

The two of us stopped by a booth at the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival on a whim. Neither of us had tried chiropractic before, and we were both a little skeptical, but we figured that stopping by for a free evaluation wouldn’t hurt. We both found ourselves complaining almost daily about our aches. For one of us it was the shoulders, hips, and ankles that were always in pain; for the other, a surgery had left constant wrist pain and genetics had caused lots of back pain. We were open to the idea that whatever we were doing wasn’t working, and we were willing to try something new. Plus, the evaluation was free–and we’re not ones to pass up free stuff.
read more»
After a few minutes of talking with Dr. Jason, we were already getting excited and changing our views on chiropractic. He took the time to evaluate our individual needs and explain to us specifically how chiropractic could address our aches. He encouraged us to ask questions and get informed, inviting us to voice any skepticism and replying with genuine understanding as well as scientific facts. We didn’t want to just have the aches go away; we wanted to feel more energized and be able to live healthy, active lifestyles. He took this into account and helped us create a plan to get there.Months later, Dr. Jason has truly helped us meet our goals. We noticed that we’re no longer complaining to each other or begging each other for shoulder rubs every night. Dr. Jason has also worked to taper us off of our treatment plan and gives us exercises to do at home so that we can function independently of chiropractic work and train our bodies to take care of themselves–a testament to his dedication to our wellness, rather than pushing us to feel dependent on his services. By stopping by that booth at the Art & Wine Festival we found a service that has changed our lives, and a great friend at the same time.

– Pam and Matt

I was involved in a serious car accident and was suffering from horrible back and nerve pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Jason Park and thank God she did, I truly don’t know where I’d be if she hadn’t. Dr. Park was able to get me in right away and was very thorough from the beginning. The very first adjustment I was able to feel relief from the horrible pain I had been in for weeks. I was able to avoid having surgery and didn’t have to take pain medication because of the care I received! Dr. Park is a very caring individual and passionate about helping his patients and thanks to him I have been able to make a full recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Park for any type of discomfort or pain you may be experiencing!!!

– Melia O.

Headaches are gone and I have more energy than ever; chiropractic works for me! At age 16 I fell and hit my head while I was at work. I have fallen several times before and I always had recovered fairly quickly but this time was different. I did not realize this injury was going to be affecting my quality of life for years to come. I started feeling symptoms throughout the middle of my back, shoulders, neck, and headaches on a daily basis. I played the worker’s compensation game for a couple of years and I always thought it would get better with time but after several years I wasn’t seeing a difference.

read more»
I had trouble exercising, sleeping and suffered with headaches all the time. I knew I too young to because dealing with this many issues and wanted to find some kind of treatment but did not know where to go. A friend referred me to Dr. Jason. He explained to me that I had misalignment in my spinal column which was causing an interference with communication between the brain and the affected tissues. I was unsure about the treatment at first because I have seen so many doctors over the years with no results. I was started to think I may never return to my normal self. After four months of treatments I can sleep, walk, run, and my performance at work is much better! Thank you Dr. Park!

– Melody E.


I fell down the stairs in July 09. I jammed my rotator cuff so bad I couldn’t lift my arm. After learning that he could help my shoulder I went for the first time to a chiropractor in 20 years. Wow, what a difference he has made in my ability to function. I am so impressed.

read more»
The therapy was a good painful session but, as a result of going to see Dr Parks for about 6 sessions—wow, what a difference. I can lap swim, golf and use my arm for everyday activities in just 5 weeks. Awesome recovery–this guy absolutely knows what he is doing. Can’t go wrong with this chiropractor!

– Linda S

I was brought up on chiropractic receiving adjustments from my grandfather, Dr. Warren C. Lee (inventor of the Activator). Chiropractic was a normal part of my life that I continued as an adult, until I got married in 2004 to someone against chiropractic. Prior to being married, I was a soccer player and an avid hiker, conquering Yosemite’s Half Dome…TWICE.

read more»
After 6 years of no chiropractic adjustments and a stint of inactivity, I pulled my calf muscle…twice in a month. The following months had me limping around, living by the RICE technique (rest, ice, compression and elevation), and becoming more and more fearful of making any motion that would cause me to reinjure myself. Stairs became giants and exercise became a thing of the past.
After 3 months of inactivity and working all of my motions around my wounded calf, I started having extreme lower back pain that I had never experienced before in my life.I met Dr. Park at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival on Murphy Street. I was immediately impressed with his friendly style and complete professionalism. I proceeded to be treated by Dr. Park on a weekly basis and my back pain started to subside. As my physical confidence grew, my fear began to fade away. Today, I am 99% back pain free and still seeing Dr. Park so that I can reach that 100% mark. I am a chiropractic “lifer” again and FREE FROM FEAR! Thank you Dr. Park.

– Kristin H

I am absolutely passionate about fitness and nutrition. As a personal trainer and a CrossFitter working out 5-6 times a week, it is very important that I stay on top of my physical activity. I was recommended to Dr. Jason Park (Dr. Jason to me) by my CrossFit coach a few weeks after sustaining a shoulder injury (rotator cuff) because my sports medicine doctor wasn’t doing much to help me get better and basically just wanted me to wait out my injury.

read more»
After only a couple of sessions with Dr. Jason I honestly could not believe how quickly I was progressing. My continued sessions with Dr. Jason strengthened the mobility of my shoulder and body overall, which gave me much more confidence in my physical skills and allowed me to step up my weightlifting abilities. Well that injury was over a year ago and to this day I still feel lucky to have been steered in the right direction to Dr. Jason. Since then I have sustained a few other injuries, but thankfully I still have Dr. Jason to help me keep my body in motion.

– Rose A

I was referred to Dr. Park from my coach almost a year ago. I’m an avid CrossFitter and noticed extreme pain in my hips and knew I needed to see someone if I wanted to be able to progress on the gym.

read more»
I was in good hands from the beginning. I was advised that I could still continue to workout as much as I do, but to understand that my body will be in the process of correcting itself from 7-10 years of built up damage and that my numbers will suffer a little. I didn’t care as long as I wasn’t in pain anymore! During my care, I continued to push my body to its limits and Dr. Park said that my recovery was happening even faster because I was exposing it to more situations to adjust and correct itself.Needless to say, months later, the same squatting movement that caused me tears during a workout, now gives me NO PROBLEMS at all!Dr. Park is amazing at what he does and he even adjusts my kids (6 & 8) and husband weekly. We are definitely a chiropractic believing family! And we couldn’t be more happy to have him in our network of trusted medical professionals.I would definitely recommend Dr. Park to anyone who is looking for true corrective and wellness care. If you’re experiencing pain, the problem has already manifested itself in your body. A few adjustments from any chiropractor may bring you relief, but it does NOT correct the problem. Dr. Park’s philosophy is not about making the pain go away, but to help get you back to where your body won’t fall into the same pattern that caused the injury to embed itself. This takes time and multiple adjustments to achieve. There is no quick fix to a long, endured injury.I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Park and what he’s done for me, but he really is an asset and gem in the medical community.

– Lynne T

I just had to let everyone know that I am so happy with how much better I’m feeling! I was having very painful aches in my chest and arm since late 2009. The pain was getting in the way of daily life and especially made it difficult to be active and sleep. After seeing three different medical doctors, I ended up with a vague diagnosis and prescription for some pain medicine.

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The last doctor I saw mentioned that it could be an issue with my neck, but didn’t go into details since they were only able to help alleviate the pain with medicine, I sought Dr. Park’s help. It was the best thing I could have done!. After a clear diagnosis we started treatment, and the pain was relieved within the first few appointments!. The continued care has helped keep the pain away and more importantly has restore proper communication throughout my body. I am so happy! I no longer have to worry about the daily pain. I want to thank everyone at Family Advantage Chiropractic for you care. It all made all the difference!

– Theresa W


Headaches were becoming the norm again with them occurring almost daily and bringing with them lethargy, increased headaches, and soreness, and some migraines if the headache had not resolved within a couple of days.

After several weeks of treatments at Dr Park’s office, the headaches and the dull consistent pain throughout my neck and back decreased greatly. The lower back cramps have also seemed to be less debilitating at certain times of the months. The treatments consisted of several adjustments of the subluxations of my spine to help restore normal communication between my brain and the rest of my body.

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I have also started yoga and Pilates at Dr Park’s recommendation to help incorporate more exercise and allow the body to heal faster. I now find that exercising and performing daily activities are easier to do without the headaches and tension that was there everyday.I had the chance to bring my niece in to see Dr Park when she was in town visiting. He was again able to make a change in the headaches that she was experiencing since she was fourteen. Dr. Park made some recommendations of other chiropractors back home where she lived.Thank you Dr Park and his team for restoring my quality of life!

– Averly M.

When I injured my neck and back four years ago, I was told by my medical doctor that the only treatment that would help me was surgery. This was something that I could not afford or wanted to go through. I continued to deal with my pain and it gradually worsens over the years. It finally got to the point where I had to hold the side of my neck almost constantly; attempting to support it so I could turn my head the small amount I was allowed. My lower back got so bad that I could not sit comfortably and going from a seated position I would experience shooting pains so severe that it would sometimes take several minutes to get to my feet. My pain would wake me from my sleep every night when I moved, and I had not slept for a solid 8 hours in months.

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A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Park and I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I have received. Every time I went for an appointment, I would feel incrementally better. Now 6 months after I began treatment I feel incredibly better. My lower back pain dissipated after only a couple of months, and my neck has regained movement that I haven’t had in years. I rarely hold my neck and the pain is almost entirely gone. I am continually getting better as I follow the treatments that Dr. Park recommends. I am now able to do things, like yoga and bike riding, which I haven’t been able to do in years. It feels incredible to be able to finally sleep through the night. I’m so happy to have found Dr. Park and would recommend him to everyone.Thank you Dr. Park

– Stacey A

Waking up every morning with a pain on my heel and at the bottom of my foot was not fun at all. This pain hindered me from walking outside and on the treadmill. I stopped being active because I was afraid to make it worse. I didn’t even know what it was and why I was having pain until my sister in-law who happened to be a nurse pointed out that I was suffering from Plantar Fascittis. I traced back the day the pain started and I remembered it began after a few hikes at Rancho San Antonio, a year ago. A few months ago, I met Dr Jason Park D.C. while I was attending the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival.

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He talked to me about a treatment and that he would be able to help me alleviate the pain if not have it completely gone after a few treatments. He also warned me that the treatment will be extremely painful, but will definitely help at the end. At first, I was hesitant about it because I heard that there was no cure for Plantar Fassciitis, but to wear those expensive specialized shoes. After a few weeks of contemplating if I wanted to do the treatment or not, I decided to go with it.
To my surprise, the pain is gone and I am back walking again. Dr Jason told me to start slow on walking, about a quarter of a mile, but now I’m walking up to three miles without pain. It feels great to wake up in the morning without feeling any pain or discomfort.If any of you or someone you might know is suffering form Plantar Fascittis, I would really suggest to get the treatment as soon as possible, before it gets worst, and I recommend Dr. Jason Park to help you.Thanks so much Dr Jason Park and his team, I’m glad that I did the treatment. Now I’m back on my feet toward a healthy and active lifestyle. Thanks!

– Nora V

Life was becoming all about my “right foot”; my painful right foot. Years earlier, I’d had foot surgery involving the fusion of many joints in the mid-foot. Later, when I developed scar tissue and adhesion’s in the foot, my walking was restricted and my life style was becoming limited.

When I met Dr. Jason at the Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival, he said he might be able help me, I was skeptical. I was skeptical because I’d had tried all sorts of protocols prior and to no avail.

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Dr Jason asked me to set a goal that I wanted to reach. I decided I wanted to be able to walk a mile pain-free.
For several months I had appointments with Dr. Jason where he used techniques that helped reverse the damage function to not only my right foot but to my entire spine. Once my body became stabilize he recommended a pair of custom orthotics in which I was against at first because I have had several pairs that made the pain worse. I’m glad I made the choice to get the Footleveler’s orthotics because they are giving me the proper support I need daily. Not only did he show me he had excellent technical knowledge and applications, he encouraged me to hang in there when I felt like throwing in the towel.The good news for me is that on November 27, 2010. I reached my goal with Dr Jason. Together we walked a mile outside his office. It amazed me that I was able to complete it pain-free. Better yet, I’m in control of my foot rather than my foot impairing my lifestyle. Thank you!

-Sonja M

Have you ever had pain that was so awful and excruciating, that it distracted you from your relationships and important tasks in your life? I had pain like that and I was miserable. Then I met Jason. Jason Park has provided me with so much relief over the past few years and has, since then, helped me maintain a well-functioning, healthy body.

Let me start from the beginning. My dad is a physician and when I was growing up, I was led to believe that chiropractors are “fake doctors.” But that simply isn’t true. Doctors and chiropractors are as different as barbers and dentists.

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What I mean by this is that you go to the barber for a haircut and you go to the dentist for a filling. Both are necessary in our lives, but perform different tasks. The best thing you can do is go to a good doctor and a good chiropractor. Not either or. I’ve been a competitive swimmer since I was about 8 years old, but it wasn’t until I joined the water polo team in high school, when my body began to give me problems. As a sprinter for the team, my job was to sprint for the ball at the beginning of every game and at half time. But as the sprinter, my teammates and coach relied on me to swim as hard as I could at all times in the game. The rigorous chopping movement of head-up freestyle eventually gave me tendinitis in my biceps and shoulders. Every day I had trouble focusing in school and on my personal relationships because the pain was so bad. Unfortunately, after I graduated high school and stopped playing water polo, the pain failed to go away. My forearms were so tight that it felt like rubber bands were wrapped around every muscle between my wrists and elbows. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or if I wanted to punch something at all times. All I knew was that my body wasn’t healing, and physical therapy and traditional medicine weren’t encouraging the healing process. Then I met Jason. Wow. My grandma had problems with her foot and recommended that I see him. I believe her words were something along the lines of, “He’s amazing and you’ll love him.” She was right. Within the first two weeks, my body was healing exponentially. And I mean exponentially!! Jason performed myofascial release on my shoulders and forearms and my first thought after he did this for the first time was, “Is this undeniably amazing feeling in my arms and shoulders how I’m actually supposed to feel?” It was like the rubber bands holding my muscles tight were cut loose and I could breathe again! My arms felt so wonderful and the muscles in them felt ready to properly contract and relax again. Jason broke apart the scar tissue that was causing me pain. But it didn’t stop there. Through adjustments a few days a week in the beginning and now once a week, he was able to pull my shoulders back and this helped relax my tense neck and shoulders. Oh, and did I mention my asthma has gone away since I started getting adjustments? I know the adjustments have fixed my asthma because whenever I tweak my spine in the gym from squatting or dead-lifting an unreasonable amount of weight, my breathing would often feel restricted. Then I’d get an adjustment and I’d find relief immediately after, and my lungs would feel free again. My spine is properly aligned now and my lungs have more room to breathe. I used to always get asthma from running and swimming (swimming partly due to the chlorine vapors), but I haven’t had one asthma attack since I started getting adjusted. I started seeing Jason when I was 18 and now I’m 21. Now I’m preparing to transfer to Cal Poly in the fall, and my goal in life is to eventually enroll into a chiropractic school and become a chiropractor myself one day -just like Jason. Thank you for everything.

– Andrew M.